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Snake Quiz's snake quiz

1. What is venom?

Poison Dust from a rattle Modified saliva Snake oil

2. What is the SAFEST thing to do if you see a snake?

Catch it Kill it Leave it alone Cook it

3. What do cottonmouths eat?

Birds Fish Rodents All of the above

4. Which reptile is not federally endangered in the U.S.?

Indigo snake Gopher Snake Gopher Tortoise San Francisco Garter Snake

5. Rattlesnakes use their heat sensing pits to...?

Find prey Thermoregulate Both Neither

6. Which of the following snakes lay eggs?

Garter snake Water snake Cottonmouth Corn Snake

7. Crocodilians are most closely related to...?

Snakes Lizards Komodo dragons Birds

8. Which animal depends on the burrow of the Gopher Tortoise for shelter?

Rattlesnakes Fox Spiders All three

9. What is the scientific name of the American Copperhead?

Agkistrodon contortrix Crotalus piscivorus Agkistrodon adamanteus Fulvius micrurus

10. Which of the following snakes is rear fanged and mildly venomous?

Kingsnake Ratsnake Ringneck snake Rattlesnake

11. What do Eastern Coral Snakes not have?

Hinged Front Fangs a black nose a black and yellow tail Neurotoxic venom

12. What do Eastern Hognose snakes try to imitate?

a rattlesnake a coral snake a dead snake a cottonmouth

13. What should you do if bitten by a snake?

Cut and Suck the wound Tie a tourniquet Get medical help Give yourself antivenin

14. Which of these eat rattlesnakes?

Alligators Wild pigs Both Neither

15. Snake venom usually contains?

Hemotoxins Neurotoxins Both Neither

16. What do cottonmouths NOT do when stressed?

Emit a bad smell Rattle their tail Gape their jaws Spray venom

17. Which of the following can cottonmouths NOT do?

Bite under water Swallow a fish whole Strike 1 1/2 times their body length Swim at night

18. The latin Crotalus, genus of rattlesnakes, means..?

Diamond back Rattle tail Mean snake Silly sounding

19. What was the national symbol of the 13 colonies?

Timber Rattlesnake Bald Eagle Diamondback Rattlesnake Gopher Tortoise

20. How many species of venomous snakes are native to Georgia?

Four Six Eight Ten

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I got your book in a flash! Todd Poole got one at the Herp. Symposium at Riverbanks that I missed due to the weather. He shared his with me, and it had such useful info. in it, that I wanted one right away. I am doing a program on March 1 and wanted to show it to the participants.

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